Aims & Objectives

    • Develop creative publication and expand and preserve business interest of creative publishers and strengthen professionalism in publication.
    • Strengthen intimate mutual relation and solidarity amongst the creating book publishers
    • Identify obstruction in creative publication and try to remove that
    • Play assistive role in expanding public-private libraries all across the country, especially in district, thana and village level and from school to higher educational institution, try to develop the existing libraries and introduce proper rule and transparency in purchasing the book for libraries
    • Play active role in encouraging reading habit in the country and try to build above reading society stipulated by UNESCO
    • Consolidate publishers relation with professionals such as writer, editor, painter, binder, printer etc; assist in executing contract between writer and publisher and follow that
    • Establish publisher relation with book seller and distributor on proper mutual profit basis and introduce equality and rules for marketing of books
    • Be active in implementing the national book policy
    • Provide support to different publication-supportive public and private initiatives and be active in increasing the public support
    • Assist in building the countrywide network in marketing of book
    • Arrange training of different relevant publication related parties and increasing their skills
    • Organize programs like publication-supportive seminar, book fair, literature conference etc in Bangladesh and abroad
    • Initiate in expanding the Bangladeshi book market abroad and build relation with various publication related international agencies
    • Assist in practicing copyright
    • Attempt to keep interest of local publication
    • Remain obedient to belief of unfettered and equal access to information
    • Publish leaflet, booklet, catalog etc to propagate and expand the information conducive to above programs and development of books

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